Reception Gallery

The Reception Gallery is a multi-purpose room with it's own kitchenette, for light food preparation. There is no cooking unit at the Inn, except microwave and outside grill, due to zoning regulations. As usage of the Reception Gallery varies between a couple guests playing ping-pong to fully catered wedding receptions and parties with 200 or more guests, the rate for this room and surrounding grounds varies accordingly. A general break-down of our rates for the Reception Gallery and Grounds (not to be confused with Acorn Inn lodging rates) is as follows:

  • Monday -Thursday only: Day-long meetings, not usually more than 20 persons (Light continental-breakfast buffet included if desired. In this case, no lodging is required.) = $250 (Negotiable, depending on quantity of people at meeting)
  • Small family reunions, with guests not exceeding those staying at Acorn Inn = $100 per day
  • Overnight midweek or weekend retreats = $100 per day, capped at $250 per weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Catered events: Weddings, Receptions, Parties, etc.
    Note: The entire Inn must be fully rented for two nights, in order to have a wedding, reception or any large catered event on a weekend. During midweek, a one-night stay is acceptable.
  • Rates for Reception Gallery & Grounds for weddings vary with the quantity of guests attending:

Quantity: up to 35 guests = $500

36-75 guests = $750

76-100 guests = $850

101-125 guests = $950

126-150 guests = $1000

151-175 = $1200

176-200 = $1400

For further information, please call us. We'd love to discuss your plans!

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