Event Hosting

Acorn Inn, with its ten bedrooms alongside shared common areas, is particularly well designed for group events of all kinds — weddings, reunions, yoga workshops, cyclist training camps, multiple-day retreats, and more.

The Reception Gallery at the Inn, an 800-sq-ft multi-purpose room with access to two kitchenettes and a wrap-around deck, is ideal for light food prep and catered functions. Together with the sky-lit UnCommon Room, a covered patio, and the seating area in the bedroom hallway — the Inn has numerous spaces for guests to gather comfortably. And Acorn Inn's central Virginia location makes it a convenient rendezvous spot, between northern and southern states, for gatherings of family & friends.

Event pricing varies, depending on weekend or midweek, the type of event, the number of attendees, and the number of days the event will last. Because Acorn Inn is primarily a "Bed and Breakfast," pricing always includes lodging — plus an additional venue rate, when applicable.

To quickly calculate the cost of holding a wedding celebration on the property, simply add the cost of the ten rooms (two-night minimum on weekends) to the venue rate (which varies with the quantity of guests at the wedding.) Wedding venue rates range from $500 to $1600.

Just call or email to check available dates for your event or gathering. We'd love to discuss your wedding plans — or schedule your retreat!